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Heroes War Android Hack

Name of Game: Heroes War
Version: 1.5.6
Root Needed?: YES
use DAX to hack

Name of cheat:
- Exclusive weapon Box hack
- Draw Materials Hack(Craft items)

Manual Step:
-Exclusive weapon Box hack(Need at least 2,000 money)
1. go to shop/Treasure Box/Random Pick, then push the 2,000, it will show yes/no just ignore and go to DAX by searching for for number size =4 bytes, note that 2,000/5,000/10,000 and 100neos search for 0,1,2,3 respectively.
2. when you go one address just push that address and name it with anything, and go to the third tab of DAX you will see the address, just tick the box to freeze the value and change the value to 3.
3. Have fun open unlimited exclusive box for free. (do not push the 5,12,25 neo otherwise all your neos will be gone)

Draw Material Hack(require at least 1,000 medal from ladder PVP)
1. go to Items/Craft/Draw Material push 1,000 button and it will show up yes/no just ignore it and go to DAX search for 211(4bytes), then push no to cancel the draw.
2. push 20 neos and go to DAX, if you have more than 20 neos please see the value 212, otherwise find 53. Tab and name that address then go to the third tab of DAX above tick the box to freeze and change the value to 212.
3. Have fun drawing unlimited materials.
PS. drawing material will loss your neo, so just draw it when you got 0 neo.

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