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Slingshot Braves 1.1.17 (Insane+Normal Mod) APK Free Download

Name of Game: Slingshot Braves
Version: 1.1.17
Root Needed?: NO

Name of cheat:

Insane Mod
- Coop Disabled
- All skills with cooldown are now spammable except Beambase and DaggerBase Skills
- Blade and Hammer Full Map Radius
- Combo Count +20 per Hit
- Insane Def,Dmg,SkillDmg and HPregen
- PoisonDMG = 0
- Put any Element to any non-fixed slots
- Survival Stance Equip = Immortal
- SP Gauge 100x faster to fill
- Slight Boost to Movement Speed
- Spread Boomerang = 15 Boomerangs
- Other Skills Same as Normal Mod

Normal Mod
- All skills with cooldown are now spammable except BeamBase and DaggerBase Skills
- Increase HP Regeneration (Change Base 100% to Base 80%)
- Poison Damage = 0
- Put any Element to any non-fixed slots
- Slight Boost on ComboDMG,SkillDMG,Movement Speed
- SP Gauge fills 3x faster
- Survival Stance Equip = Immortal
- DaggerBase Skills Increase DaggerCount to 15
- Devil Claw Increase HitCount to 10
- Drainburst Slight Increase to heal
- LightningBolt Increase HitCount to 10
- RoadBase Skills Splash Radius Slightly Increased
- Spread Boomerang = 5 Boomerangs

Note : PoisonDMG and HPregen changes are only seen by you. Other players see it as normal. Not sure about those boomerangs. Survival Stance not yet tested just post a message in the thread for problems.

Manual Step:
- Go to Android/Data
- Rename jp.colopl.enslingshot to jp.colopl.enslingshotX
- Uninstall your Original Slingshot Braves
- Install my Mod
- Login your Account
- When it download files (cache) force close
- rename jp.colopl.enslingshotX back to jp.colopl.enslingshot
- Play the Game

Logout Your Account (For Rooted Users with Titanium Backup):
- Open Titanium Backup then find Slingshot Braves app
- Then Press Wipe Data
- Go to Android/Data/
- Rename jp.colopl.enslingshot folder to jp.colopl.enslingshotX
- Open Slingshot Braves then Login
- It will download file (cache) just force close
- Go to Android/Data/
- Rename jp.colopl.enslingshotX folder back to jp.colopl.enslingshot
- Open Slingshot Braves App then play

Login to Facebook Stamina Station:
- For Rooted Users Use Titanium Backup then Just Freeze Facebook App
- For Non-Rooted you need to uninstall Facebook App
- For first try Login your FB account then press back button. It most likely Fail login in for the first time but 2nd try will succeed.

PS : I made Normal Mod as safe as possible so don't ask too much. For Insane Mod i think i wont be making one for COOP blame those leechers who didn't include my PS's. Just use 1.1.16 Insane if you want for COOP.

PS2 : There is a bug in stamina station. You can gift and request for unlimited number of times. Just press "SPACE" on the search bar. This is best use if you have two accounts. One Account must only have 2 friends including your other account. Only send stamina to your other account so you can repeat it unlimited number of times.

To All Leechers : Atleast include the PS's and give me some credit. It wouldn't hurt you brother....

To All Mod Users: Please don't post pictures of your character with Elements in not proper slots if you don't want to get it patched in the future.

Credits To: stripneck

Playstore Link: Google PlayStore

Mediafire: Insane - Normal
Zippyshare: Insane - Normal