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APK Manager and migration tool for Mac OS X - Free Download - Hack, Edit or Sign any APK

some notes, and requests:
  • PLEASE note: this is currently INTEL only, but it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit all-in-one with architecture checking built-in to the script.
  • PLEASE note: if your computer is running OS X 10.7.X, "Lion" then it does not include a java runtime by default, please download it here first:
  • PLEASE note: due to the length of some of the strings used in the menus, etc., in order to not need to scroll your terminal window, you must adjust your default columns and rows settings. You can set this automatically by using the include "JocelynCustom.terminal" file, and you can also find simple instructions to set this yourself in the README.txt
  • PLEASE read the included readme for installation and very basic (for right now) usage instructions. I welcome any and all feedback on improvements for the readme file.
  • PLEASE report any and all bugs or generally wonky behavior, preferrably by posting here in this thread, or by posting a comment back on my blog.
  • LASTLY, please if you re-post this anywhere else, including blogs, other forums, etc. I would greatly appreciate if you would at least give me credit, and link back to my blog ( at the very least, link back here to this post.

WHEN UPGRADING, DO NOT COPY OVER THE CONTENTS OF THE "other" directory or the root directory unless you absolutely know what you're doing.

IMPORTANT: Please see the second post in this thread for update notes, issues, concerns, etc. thanks 

Download apk manager v2.2.5 here:
Download migration tool v1.4 here:

May 11, 2012 - beta version of v3.0 is online now on github, if you want to help test it, I suggest backing up your old apk_manager directory entirely, and then going here, and reading the simple install instructions:

The basic install is pretty simple though: open terminal, cd into whatever directory you want the apkmanager folder to be created in, and run:
  • cd into whatever directory you want the apkmanager folder to be created in, and run:
    git clone git://
  • launch and follow all the instructions.
Also, git is utterly retarded when it comes to the OSX 'icon' resource files (for custom folder icons) so by default, the folder icon isn't included with 3.0+, but you can download it and apply it yourself still. Link is on the wiki here:

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